Compton Heights Band's Bandwagon Hall, St. Louis, MO
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Bandwagon Hall
Bandwagon Hall
2151 Lemay Ferry Road
St. Louis, Missouri 63125
(314) 845-1877
Reavis Barracks & Lemay Ferry Rd.
(Midwest Bankcentre Plaza)

Bingo (Year-Round):
  • Sunday 5:30 PM(St. Martin of Tours)
  • Tuesday 6:30 PM (St. Marks)
  • Wednesday 6:30 PM (J.B.Marine Soccer)
  • Thursday 6:30 PM (Mehlville Band Boosters)
  • Friday 6:45 PM (Compton Heights Band)
  • Saturday 6:30 PM (Compton Heights Band)

  • Bandwagon Hall features:
  • Glass Wall Separate No-smoking & Smoking Sections!
  • Beautiful track lighting
  • Comfortable Chairs/Tables
  • Plentiful Restrooms
  • Tasty Food and Beverages
  • Excellent parking
  • Note: No one under 16 years is allowed in the hall.

  • SuperChamp

    You can play "paper" cards only or try electronic bingo! Play 54 cards on an electronic unit. Enter the number into the unit and it daubs all the loaded cards! Easy and fun!

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    June Drawings!
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    June 24, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 2018
    32" HDTVs!

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    The Baby Grand Purple Progressive Game!
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