Compton Heights Band's Bandwagon Hall, St. Louis, MO
Bingo-now closedbingo ball
Bandwagon Hall
Bandwagon Hall
2151 Lemay Ferry Road
St. Louis, Missouri 63125
(314) 845-1877
Reavis Barracks & Lemay Ferry Rd.
(Midwest Bankcentre Plaza)

Bingo (was Year-Round)
NOTE: Due to Covid-19, Bingo has been closed. See Bandwagon Hall Facebook Page for updates from Kitty Swanger: Bandwagon Hall Facebook Page

Bandwagon Hall featured - now closed due to pandemic:
  • Glass Wall Separated No-smoking & Smoking Sections
  • Beautiful track lighting
  • Comfortable Chairs/Tables
  • Plentiful Restrooms
  • Beverages and some food
  • Excellent parking
  • No one under 16 years was allowed in the hall.

  • SuperChamp
    We had Electronic Bingo, too.




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