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Featured Guest Artists of the Compton Heights Concert Band

Mariachi Los Camperos de Nati Cano, The ReBirth Brass Band!, PROJECT Trio!, Canadian Brass; Sukay, Music of the Andes; the late William Warfield, Buckwheat Zydeco, Miss Jubilee and the Humdingers, Butchwax & the Hollywoods the Lennon Sisters, Red Lehr & the St. Louis Rivermen, Those Darn Accordions, Stoneback Sisters & Stoneback Brass, and Carl & Mason T. Capps.

Guest Soloists:
Nicole Cabell, Gina Galati (Winter Opera Founder), Sigrun Hjalmtysdottir, David Morris, The World's Top Whistler, Hugh Kash Smith, the late William Warfield, Noree Boyd, Mary Elizabeth Sinclair, Beverly Stewart-Anderson, Johnnie Johnson, and Robert Ellison. To see Robert Ellison with the Band in December 2016, see Robert Ellison "God Bless the USA".

Many instrumental have appeared such as trumpeters Susan Slaughter, Arturo Sandoval and Doc Severensen; and Geoffrey Gallante; pianists, Peter Nero, Lindsay Garritson, Mary Mottl, and Marjorie Vincent; marimba artist Debbye Turner-Bell; oboist, Alex Klein; clarinetist, Ricardo Morales; tuba, Steve Seward; trombone, Jonathan Reycraft; piccolo, Jan Gippo; violin, Rebecca Braun, euphonium, Timothy Myers; organ, Stan Kann; narrators, William Warfield, John Pertzborn, Johnny Rabbit, and Stephanie Williams; and many more. The Compton Heights Band has also featured unusual instruments including the theremin Dr. Robert Froehner, the glass armonica with Carolinn Skyler, the sitar with Larry Ludwig; the Kazoo Rick Hubbard in Kazoobie, and organ with Cameron Carpenter.

Guest conductors and other artists included James Christensen from Walt Disney World; Keith Brion, Sousa portrayer; and Stan Musial.

The Band has collaborated with several choirs, including The Gospel Symphonic Choir with Dello Thedford, The Legend Singers, The Metro Singers, The St. Louis County Community Chorus, and the East Central College Choir.

Painter and Author
The band concert experience has been expressed to the public through music, words, and even by a plein air painter, BillyO . To read a vivid description of a summer concert, see The Sounds of Summer, written by Robert E. Knittel.

There's always something exciting to hear each year.

Additional Video clips: Sunrise Serenades-YouTube.

Hugh Smith and East Central College Combined Choirs in Ode to Joy 2016

Gina Galati in Ave Maria 2016

"Johnnie Johnson"


Bob Ellison, Baritone, in God Bless the USA 2016


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