Billyo O'Donnell

Billyo O'Donnell is a nationally acclaimed artist, native of Missouri. As a master of plein air painting (in the open air), the immediacy of each experience is very real. "As I view these scenes, they remind me that I must react spontaneously to each inspiration in life or chance losing that significant experience forever." he says. (Excerpt from Billyo, Art of the West, Sept/Oct 2002 by Myrna Zanetell)

In the summer of 2003, Billyo capturing the feel of old-fashioned turn-of-the-century style band concerts at the Compton Heights Concert Band's Sunday Serenades & Musical Mondays series in Francis and Tower Grove Parks. These gorgeous paintings are inspirational to many long-time concert goers and musicians. He also painted a work at the Band's annual Holiday Pops Concert. His completed painting captured the excitement of the evening as the Band, Chorus, and soloists performed. It was very exciting to watch Billyo at work during the concerts. Billyo is an avid supporter of many arts groups in St. Louis.

The painting at right was created during the Memorial Day concert in Tower Grove Park on May 26, 2003. It was commissioned by Sharon & DeWayne Cox. Sharon, an artist in her own right, owned the Visions Gallery, O'Fallon, Illinois, and was also a member of the flute section in the Band.
Compton Heights Band in Tower Grove Park
(Compton Heights Band in Tower Grove Park, oil)

Billyo has traveled nationally and internationally as an artist to capture many moments and places on canvas for companies. He has representation in Laguna Beach, California, as well as St. Louis. He painted a series for the St. Louis Symphony. And, he spearheaded Artists along the Katy Trail. He decided to remain in Missouri and will often be found painting along the river or a farm.

Some of the finest sunsets I've seen have been here in Missouri, with the Missouri River Valley being one of my favorite places to paint them. The way the river cuts through the Ozark hills in an east-to-west direction gives me the length of the valley to capture the last of the light." Billyo as featured in Art of the West, September/October 2002.
Sunset Missouri River Valley
(Sunset Missouri River Valley, oil, 16" by 20")
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This webpage is from the Compton Heights Concert Band, in reference to Billyo at work at the summer concert series, Sunday Serenades and Musical Mondays.